Past Exhibition


"Art 10 Baltimore" Shelly Amsel, Toni Berger, Jennifer Berk, Claudia Cameron, Linda Cichan, Jackie Mintz, Myrna Poirier, Lois Schuster, and Kathyrn Shagas.

Labor of Art

"Labor of Art 2019" Elizabeth Burin, Pat Dennis, Arin Mitchell, Tim Scofield, and Anne-Steuart Vaughn.

Reality Bites

"Reality Bites: An Homage to Abstraction" Michelle Spiziri, Dan Dudrow, Robinson Muñoz, Minás Konsolas, Shaul Tsemach.

Masque of Anarchy

"Masque of Anarchy: A tribute to Mark McColloch’s life and creative work." Paintings by Mark McColloch & Friends.


"Capacity" Shannon Cassidy, Kini Collins, Mark Supik, M. Jordan Tierney.

Labor of Art

"Labor of Art 2018"Trudy Babchak, James DuSel, Scott Philip Goergens, Jarek Sparaco, M. Voelker.

Out of Bounds

"Out of Bounds" Art from Beyond the Frame. Schroeder Cherry, Nef'fahtiti, Renee Tantillo, Maxine Taylor, Greg Stanley, Lyndie Vantine.

Youth View

"Youth View" Patterson Park Public Charter School K-8 students, Instructor Jess Pegorsch.

Exhibition & Benefit for Arabbers

"Exhibition & Benefit for Arabbers & Horse Lovers" Mary Bickford, Katherine Fahey, Mary Opasik, Leonard Streckfus, Robert Sullivan, Dan Van Allen.

Artists Meet-Up

"Artists Meet-Up" An Invitational Exhibit inviting artists to share in the joyousness of color and celebration of creativity. Robert Hoffman, Ephrem Kouakou, BaBa Harry Livingston, Kristin Panousos, Shaul Tsemach.

Here and There

"Here and There" is not one exhibition, but two! During October, 2017 at MAXgallery in Butchers Hill and at MAKE Studio in Hampden.

EAST BY NORTHEAST: Community Connections

"Baltimore Community Connections: Baltimore East and Northeast" Hamilton Gallery Artists exhibiting at MAXgallery: Jude Asher • Loring Boglioli • Donna DiSciullo • Amy Klainer • Nef'fahtiti • Lynn Poshepny • Peter Smith • Bridget Z. Sullivan • Maxine Taylor • Linnea Tober.

Dance of Conversation

"Dance of Conversation: Our Bodies in Speech Together" Sheldon Amsel, Toni Berger, Mary Bickkford, Joel Cohn, Diane Dennis, Landis Expandis, Jackie Mintz, Michael Tice, Carlos Walker, Jude Asher.

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